About US

SwipeLinc is the best payment gateway for companies engaged with E- Commerce Website business, startups and is completely Made in India. We envision extending better support to merchants and help them navigate quickly into the evolving payment landscape.

Welcome to SwipeLinc

SwipeLinc is a world-class payment solutions provider company in India. It was founded in the year 2015, but our journey began long before that. We have been working closely with the most esteemed, top organizations in India and understood the unique challenges that businesses face while handling online transaction.

We created SwipeLinc an Online Digital Payment platform, to offer effective payment solution. It is a completely reliable, secure platform that has International Standard Compliant Risk & Fraud Management. This simple yet powerful payment technology can accurately meet the payment requirements of businesses and is optimized towards growth.

We support sustainable economic growth and digital payments in accordance with the Digital India mission of the Government of India. Our goal is to empower traders, retailers, and small medium-sized businesses by delivering innovative payment technologies. We strive to work in a socially, environmentally, and economically responsible environment.

Zenex E-commerce Private Limited operates under the brand name SwipeLinc to offer the best payment solutions worldwide. We are PCI DSS 3.1 and RBI accredited and hold the highest industry standard for security accreditation in the payment industry. We operate from an ISO 27001 data center in Mumbai.

about us

about us
We aim to create a cashless economy by delivering versatile, customer-centric innovative payment technologies. Our passion for innovation encompasses exquisite services with great value for money to enlighten the future of clients.
Our mission is to help businesses to switch to digital payments through advance and safe payment solutions covering all platforms. Perfectly tailored payment solutions for merchants as well as for customers to expand business globally.
We believe growth depends on mutual success. if our clients and employees grow, we grow. As every individual grows and prospers the organization grows as well. We are committed in our minds and spirit to provide better opportunities for people to overcome poverty and to create a bright future for everyone.

Business Goals and Objective

  • Reach a larger customer base by establishing good customer relations.
  • Get the highest level of security and customer satisfaction
  • integrate payment gateway solutions with merchant accounts to help businesses accept payments the way they need to.
  • Create tailor-made payment gateway solutions that suit specific business needs
  • Payment gateway integration with other useful tools and features for better ease of transaction.
  • We serve and promote local businesses

Business Strategy

  • SwipeLinc offers an effective payment solution that is trusted by consumers across India.
  • The payment gateway cost is significantly lower than the other providers, to empower and encourage small and medium-sized businesses to accept digital payments.
  • Businesses can create better conditions for increased customer relations and support.
  • Increase engagement in the cashless services subsector
  • Diversifying customer adoption and engagement
  • Committed and striving for proficiency emissions testing and safety


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