Maximum Payment Options


Multi-currency options



100% secure

Your card details always remain encrypted and secure with Swipelinc. We undergone stringent security audits (including PCI DSS) by industry experts.


Fastest Settlement

Other payment gateway Getting a settlement payout take a long time , Swipelinc tansfers your money to your bank account next day(the following day)!



you can save credentials and billing information so that there could be debit from the account on the predefined conditions like Maximum amount, frequency and duration.


Retry Option

When the customer's transaction fails reasons like expired cards ,bank downtime etc..it helps reduce number of break transactions and boosts success rate by 10%!


Zero renewal and Monthly Charges

Mobile App

Offers customers the option to pay with credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI & more, simply by looking up the merchant name/number on the App.You can keep track of your sales from this app as well.


Request payment instantly via Email, SMS & WhatsApp Offer your clients the option to pay with credit/debit card or netbanking. Just share Swipelinc payment link and get done. It's Quick & Reliable! .

Instant Payment

Swipe linc has DIY system, wherein merchant can go live within minutes and can start taking payments instantly, however First payment will be released only after KYC is submitted in physical copy and live MID is generated, post that as per mentioned above.


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How Swipelinc works for your customers.

For easy online payments

1. Your customer clicks the Swipelinc button on your website listing.

2. They are taken to a Swipelinc payment page and enter their details.

3. Payment is made and they’re returned to your website to continue shopping from you.

For easy invoice and email/sms/whatsapp payments

1. Your customer gets an email/sms/whatsapp from us asking for the payment.

2. They click on the Swipelinc button to view the request or invoice.

3. They make a secure payment to you using their credit card, debit card, bank account or Netbanking.