Maximum Payment Options

Start and end payments on the same page.

  • 53+ Netbanking
  • 100+ Debit Cards
  • Domestic Cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • International Cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • American Express / Amex EMI,JCB & Diners Club
  • Multiple currency acceptance and settlement
  • 8 Bank EMI
  • 32 Bank's IMPS

Retry Option

When the customer's transaction fails due to reasons like reasons such as expired cards, insufficient balance, wrong password, bank downtime, etc., going through the entire process of refilling the payment details once again can be a time consuming job.

With our smart retry system, these steps can be avoided and instead the customer is redirected to an intermediary page showing the reason of the failure. He gets up to three attempts to use the same payment option or choose an alternate payment option to complete the purchase successfully.

Retry option helps in arresting abandoned transactions and further boosting the success rate by 10-12%.

iFrame Integration

Redefined user experience.

Collect card credentials and accept payments on your checkout page using our secure iFrame integration without being PCI DSS certified.

Reduce payment hops and allow customers to make secure payments without leaving your webpage for a seamless brand experience

SwipLinc S.N.I.P

Social Network In-stream Payments

Sell products and collect payments in-stream across social network instantly and reach out to fans, friends and followers through social media.

No more "Shopping Carts", No more "Proceed to Pay" and No more "redirection to merchant website" - Just Snip Through!

Smart Analytics

We provide a beautiful set of real-time statistical reports with complete transparency to get a 360° view of your business performance in the competitive online industry. Our insightful data analytics helps analyse performance and maximize your business potential.

Fastest Activation & Easy Integration

live in an hour!

Your Swipelinc account gets activated within 1 hour of your registration. You can get started with your online business immediately after activation, irrespective of whether your website is live or not. *Conditions Apply

Integrating Swipelinc on your site is easy and involves minimal cost and effort. Our fast and seamless integration APIs, detailed integration kit and our well defined internal processes, enables you to get started with your online business in the shortest possible time.

Marketing Tools

Enhance your marketing and sales efforts, attract more customers and earn more, with our range of Marketing Tools. Create, manage and showcase your offers and promotions to your customers.

Discounts: Offer flat or percentage discount on your product price.

Promotions: Strategize bank alliance to run BIN based promotional campaigns.

Multiple Currency Processing

Online transactions have blurred the physical boundaries, Customers can pay in the currency they are comfortable with, thus delivering seamless buying experience. Swipelinc PG supports 27 major foreign currencies so that customer can pay in the currency he knows best.

  • Indian Rupee
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Pound Sterling
  • American Dollar
  • Omani Rial
  • Bahraini Dinar
  • UAE Dirham
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Baht
  • Sri Lankan Rupee
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • Qatari Riyal
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Kuwaiti Dinar
  • Bangladesh Taka
  • Australian Dollar
  • Nepalese Rupee
  • Japanese Yen
  • Kenyan Shilling
  • Mauritius Rupee
  • Philippine Peso
  • Saudi Riyal

Smart Dynamic Routing

Swipelinc UAE merchants have multiple banks assigned to their accounts shortly after they register with the UAE payment gateway.While making an online transaction, if there are any fluctuations or the gateway of any particular bank is not functioning well,

swipelinc's Smart Dynamic Routing quickly routes the customer's transaction through the best performing bank gateway as it detects one immediately through its algorithms. In such instances, Smart Dynamic Routing prevents the possibility of a transaction failure, even if it has occurred due to a downtime, overload on bank servers, scheduled maintenance breaks or other similar issues.

Card Storage Vault

The Swipelinc Card Storage Vault is designed to securely store and recall your customer's card details for more efficient and faster repeat transactions. Customer's card detail is encrypted and securely stored against a unique token/identifier sent by you at the time of initiating the transaction, ensuring that this data is used by your customers exclusively for your website. Our simple API allows you to reuse stored card information for future transactions without you being PCI compliant. Your customers can simply breeze through online payments!

Responsive Checkout Page

Swipelinc transaction pages are designed using Responsive Web Design approach. It automatically optimizes the page for any device, be it smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops. It looks great and enables easy reading and navigation with minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling, providing an optimal transacting experience for your customers on-the-go.

Invoice Payments

Research shows that invoices are paid more quickly when online payment is enabled. Swipelinc makes invoicing easy, automatic, fast and accurate. Create itemized invoices in multiple currencies in under a minute!

  • Email / SMS Payments / Whatsapp
  • Bulk Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Multi-Currency Support

Fraud Prevention

Every sector in every country suffers different fraud patterns. And fraud keeps evolving. Fraud Expert is a smart, flexible solution that can be tailored to suit your business needs. Swipelinc Fraud Expert is a smart, flexible solution that allows you to detect fraud sooner, sell more, and save time. You can set it up in just a few clicks or define detailed risk-scoring parameters. Either way, each and every transaction will benefit from our state-of the-art technology and real-time, cross-merchant fraud advice.Secure Payment GatewaysProviding three advanced layers of fraud protection, Swipelinc Fraud Expert combines your business knowledge with our up-to-the-minute fraud intelligence to create a global risk score – the ideal framework for judging when to block, accept or review.

Support & Help

A dedicated team of experts, ready to help

We firmly believe that 'Our success lies in your success' Our experienced team of engineers is empowered to solve their questions using email, chat and telephone - 24x7x365 when you need it There are also dedicated managers allocated with huge quantities of customers.