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Zenex E-Commerce PVT LTD is a part of SS Group, SS Group is Multi-talented multi-tasked, housed in a building bustling with activity, enthusiasm cemented together by a seamless vision to be a provider of business solutions of the highest standards of excellence. This has been the driving force behind the effort, dedication and never-give-up attitude that you will find at Singh Shakti Group. SS Group is headquartered in the Satna, Madhya Pradesh, We grew out as software development company set up in 2009. It all had created a niche in today's business process outsourcing services..

In a dynamic business landscape that is ever changing, SS Group presents itself as a one-stop shop, offering a broad spectrum of services focused on specialized business process outsourcing solutions in different industry verticals such as healthcare, logistics, insurance, finance, engineering and mortgage. The Enthusiasts We are live wires in understanding your business needs, meeting deadlines, carrying out research and much more. At Singh Shakti, innovation is one of our core values and we constantly strive to create more efficient business solutions for you.

Zenex E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. is a Payment processing company operating with its brand product SwipeLinc Established in 2015 and is providing its payments solutions across the globe. Our systems are certified for PCI DSS 3.1, which is the highest industry standard for security certifications in the payments industry and we operate out of an ISO 27001data centre in Mumbai.

A. Vision statement

"Enlightening clients' future through our passion for innovation which is value for money accompanied by exquisite services."

B. Mission statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional Financial & Business Consulting Services to our clients in India

C. Values

"Success is not when I grow it" when WE grow being on a set mission to make success as a mirror, I understand "The key to end extreme poverty is to enable the poorest of the poor to get their foot on the ladder of development"

D. Business goals & objectives

Provide the highest level of safety at all costs.
• Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.
• To reach a larger part of our market.
• Incorporate comfort features in our fleet for a better ease of transaction through cash-less economy experience.

E. Business strategy

Create the conditions for increased support for customer relation.
• Increase engagement in the Cash-less Services subsector.
• Diversify engagement in Customer Acceptance.
• Commit to striving for proficiency emissions testing and safety